Is this the same Multiple Listing Service (MLS) to which all area Realtors belong? 

Yes.  All participating MLS Realtors belong to their local association of Realtors. Wherever you may be located, we will have a Nationwide Network of Realtors and will place you in the proper MLS for your area.

Will my listing appear on the Web Sites of other local Real Estate Companies?

Broker networking is where brokers give each other permission to share their listings on each other's web sites. Your listing will be displayed on other local real estate company active listings personal web sites.  Thus a buyer working with another real estate company who does a search will have your listing in the database.

Will my property be listed on the Internet?


If I find my own buyer, will I still have to pay a selling commission?

No.  You still maintain the right to sell your home on your own.  If you find your own buyer, you will not be obligated to pay a commission on the sale.

Will Realtors show my home even though I went Flat Fee Listing instead of paying a high commission? 

Yes.  There is no way to tell how much you paid to get on the MLS.  Regardless of whom you listed with or what you paid, your listing will look no different from any other listing in form and style.

Will Realtors contact you or me for a showing?

You.  Realtor's will call before a showing or a preview of your home.

How long is the MLS listing period?

Listing term varies per listing program, see program details on main page.

Must I have a lockbox?

No, but Realtors depend on quick access.  Realtors show many homes within a very short period of time, access to your home may make a difference.  We strongly recommend a Realtor lockbox.

How do I make changes to my listing?

You may make changes to your listing by contacting us.

Will my listing look the same as a full listing commission to a traditional agent?

Yes.  Your listing will look like all the other listings on your local MLS.

Is it true that Realtors using the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) sell most houses and that they usually sell for a higher price?

Yes, it's true on both accounts.  According to the National Association of Realtors, approximately 80% of all U.S. homes are sold through Realtors using the MLS and homes listed on the MLS average net proceeds of 7% higher than homes sold for sale by owner.

The MLS will give you maximum exposure and this is the key to a successful transaction. There is no other effective way to sell your property and be successful.

How do I get started? ... Click here!

The MLS gives you access to thousands of other realtors on call 24/7 to sell your home.

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